6 月 2023
There are now 2 x Northrop Grumman RQ-4 UAVs airborne at the same time. FORTE11 and UAVGH000
FORTE11 (USAF RQ-4B Global Hawk) is on task this evening above Ukraine.   Drone is paying heavy attention to the Belgorod area1 年 前
FORTE11 (USAF RQ-4B Global Hawk) is on task this evening above Ukraine. Drone is paying heavy attention to the Belgorod area
Two US officials tell the reporting below is accurate: that the US has intelligence that Russian troops were given orders to proceed with an invasion. The intelligence led to Biden's statement Friday. Washington Post and NYT also reporting
Boris Johnson and French president Emmanuel Macron have agreed during a phone call that the next week will be "crucial for diplomacy" as the West looks to avert war between Russia and Ukraine
White House official: "The President had a family-related issue that was going to take him to Wilmington, DE tonight but he will no longer be going and will remain in Washington, DC tonight"
1 年 前
Joint Forces Operation reports on another provocation by Russian militias in occupied parts of Luhansk region: at 9pm artillery from Lobacheve area shelled Luhansk city
President Biden and French President Macron held a very quick call this afternoon that lasted just 15 minutes, according to the White House. Putin and Macron spoke earlier today
Today, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. convened a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss the latest developments regarding Russia's military buildup on the borders of Ukraine
The US Embassy in Moscow issued a warning to Americans about possible terrorist attacks in Russia. "According to media reports, there is a threat of attacks in shopping centers, railway and metro stations, as well as other crowded places in large cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg and areas along Russia's border with Ukraine"
New Sea of Azov NOTAM, going active at midnight: Tempo Danger Area SFC - Unlimited1 年 前
New Sea of Azov NOTAM, going active at midnight: "Tempo Danger Area SFC - Unlimited""
When asked if the US would consider recognizing Crimea or any territories in eastern Ukraine as part of Russia as a diplomatic way out to avoid a larger war Blinken says plainly: "No," on CBS
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was asked by ABC about the possibility of Russian tanks moving through the streets of Kyiv. "I mean that's highly likely you could see that," he said. "You could see a significant amount of combat power move very quickly to take Kyiv”
Could Putin be bluffing Blinken: There's always a chance, but every indication that we've seen, every move that he's made, that has followed the play that we laid out for the world to see in front of the UNSC he's following the script almost to the letter
Secretary Blinken on CNN - "President Biden is prepared to engage President Putin at any time in any format, if that can help prevent a war”
Israeli Prime Minister: I call on the Israelis in Ukraine to leave immediately
Military equipment left Bakhchysarai base1 年 前
Military equipment left Bakhchysarai base
Macron held talks with Putin and Zelensky today
Russia don't touch Ukraine. 6 people unfurled banners against invasion in downtown Moscow. Waiting police immediately arrested them1 年 前
"Russia don't touch Ukraine." 6 people unfurled banners against invasion in downtown Moscow. Waiting police immediately arrested them
1 年 前
According to occupation authorities in parts of Luhansk region two civilians killed as result of shooting in Pionerske village
1 年 前
Putin and Lukashenka ordered to continue check of combat readiness of forces of the “Union State” because of the situation in Eastern Ukraine, - the Ministry of Defense of Belarus
"I'm afraid to say, that the plan that we're seeing, is for something that could be really the biggest war in Europe since 1945," UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in an interview on Sunday with the BBC in Munich
1 年 前
In her speech at MSC2022, @vonderleyen vividly illustrated the consequences a Russian invasion of Ukraine would have. @EU_Commission Watch the full panel:
Civil defense sirens alarming in Luhansk
Iskander-M short-range ballistic missile systems in Lipetsk. Considering the movement of Iskander systems recently, it is possible Russia has 5 or more brigades near Ukraine1 年 前
Iskander-M short-range ballistic missile systems in Lipetsk. Considering the movement of Iskander systems recently, it is possible Russia has 5 or more brigades near Ukraine
Joint Forces Operation: 136 ceasefire violations yesterday. 2 Ukrainian servicemen killed, 5 wounded
Schastia checkpoint suspended work due to repeated shellings
Elysee: Any miscalculation from any side will ignite the situation in Ukraine
Elysee: We have indications that Russia is preparing to deploy additional forces in the Donbass region
Shelling with 152mm artillery reported in Butivka-Opytne area, N-W to Donetsk city
Multiple explosions heard in centre of Donetsk: Reuters
All signs suggest Russia plans 'full-fledged' attack on Ukraine: NATO chief
President Zelensky: Had an urgent conversation with President @EmmanuelMacron. Informed about the aggravation on the frontline, our losses, the shelling of Ukrainian politicians & international journalists. Discussed the need and possible ways of immediate de-escalation & political-diplomatic settlement
Self-propelled artillery seen in Donetsk yesterday
Ukraine Defense Minister:Weapons for @ArmedForcesUkr from our close Canadian friends. We received rifles, machine guns with optical sights,night vision&surveillance devices&military equipment
NATO has relocated Ukraine staff from the capital Kyiv to Lviv in the west of the country and to Brussels for safety reasons, a NATO official said on Saturday
The volume of Russian disinformation seeking to frame Ukraine as a threat to justify military action by Russia has more than doubled in the past week, western officials have said UK Foreign Secretary @trussliz told MCS2022 there'd been a 2-fold rise in Russian disinformation
The CSTO Secretary General said that with the consent of the Ukrainian authorities and with the sanction of the UN Security Council, peacekeepers of the organization could be brought into the Donbass
Ukraine could face the worst-case scenario of a Russian invasion as soon as next week, and Europe faced one of its most perilous security situations since the early 20th century, British foreign minister Liz Truss said on Saturday
Social media reports that reservists summoned in Transnistria
Blinken: I discussed with my Saudi counterpart the Russian military reinforcement near the Ukrainian border and energy security
G7 FM Declaration: "While we are ready to explore diplomatic solutions to address legitimate security concerns, Russia should be in no doubt that any further military aggression against Ukraine will have massive consequences."
Foreign Correspondent of @FoxNews Trey Yingst: A Ukrainian position was shelled as we visited the front lines with the country's interior minister. Our coverage continues
Ukraine FM Kuleba: I invite the OSCE Troika @AnnLinde @RauZbigniew @Bujar_O to undertake an urgent fact-finding visit to Ukraine within the early warning mechanism activated by @OSCE Secretary General @HelgaSchmid_SG last week
EU sends emergency medical equipment to Ukraine, fearing Russian invasion
Ukraine's President Zelenskiy asks for summit with permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Turkey and Germany
Joint Forces Operation: 70 ceasefire violations today before 5pm, 60 of them with weapons prohibited by Minsk agreements, 2 Ukrainian servicemen killed, 4 more wounded
Zelensky: “Everyone saying there is some distance… between Ukraine and NATO we need to walk. All we are saying, tell us how much time does it take to complete this distance? This is measured not just in hours, this is measured in human life of Ukrainians.”
Asked what his interpretation is of Putin's intent towards his country and whether he thinks the Russian President will invade, the Ukrainian President says: "I do not know what the President of the Russian Federation wants. That is why I propose to meet"
Ukraine's president acknowledges, likely for the first time, threat of a full-scale Russian invasion
Ukrainian President says Kyiv wants a clear timeframe for NATO membership
It's propaganda
Occupation authorities in parts of Donetsk region claim detained local policeman, accused him in planting explosives at car of commander yesterday. Suspect told about schemes to deliver weapons and explosives to Donbas, also that Ukrainian military entered Belarus to watch Russian-Belarusian drill, also about recruiting of sleeping cells of agents
Ukraine President @ZelenskyyUa: We gave up 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in 1994 in the Budapest Memorandum. Signed by US, UK, Russia, Ukraine. But we haven't gotten the security we were promised then. If Ukraine's security is not assured today, who will be next? It won't end with us
.@SecBlinken met with the G7 Foreign Ministers to discuss Russia's unprovoked military build-up in and around Ukraine
Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa calls consultation of Budapest memorandum parties and Ukraine must get security guarantees. If this is not delivered all decisions of 1994 will be void. @DmytroKuleba will be tasked to call this meeting
France urges nationals to leave Ukraine
"I want to believe @NATO and Article V will be more effective than the Budapest Memorandum." @ZelenskyyUa at MSC2022
Zelenskiy at MSC2022 demands that NATO allies be honest about membership prospects. "Open doors are good," he says referring to alliance's much-defended open door policy. "But we need open answers"
Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian Armed Forces Zaluzhny: Ukrainian army not using artillery systems against Russia or occupied territories, moreover GRAD systems withdrawn more than 21kms from contact line
Zelensky says "the security architecture in Europe is broken. It's time for a new one." He says of the current Russia threat, "This isn't about war in Ukraine. This is about war in Europe
Ukrainian President Zelensky speaking now in Munich. He says Ukraine will defend itself with or without help, whether allies give helmets (Germany) or weapons (US, UK, etc)
Ukraine President denies Russian allegations about shelling in its territory
1 年 前
Russian FSB: building hit and destroyed in Khutor Manotsky
1 年 前
FSB says 2 projectiles hit Tarasovsky district of Rostov region of Russia this morning from the direction of Ukrainian border
Ukrainian FM Kuleba: We resolutely refute all accusations of any alleged Ukrainian shells falling on the Russian territory. Ukraine has never opened any such fire. We call for an immediate and impartial international investigation of the incidents reported by Russian media
1 年 前
Occupation authorities in parts of Luhansk region claims recovering explosive device at the bridge in Krasnodon, on the way of evacuation
Delegation of Ukrainian MPs got under shelling near Svitlodarsk, had to enter shelter
Lufthansa says it's suspending all flights to and from Ukraine's capital
Now Russian Investigative committee accuses Ukrainian armed formations in using MLRS to target Tarasovsky district in Rostov region of Russia between 5am-6am1 年 前
It's propaganda
Now Russian Investigative committee accuses "Ukrainian armed formations" in using MLRS to target Tarasovsky district in Rostov region of Russia between 5am-6am
The Federal Foreign Office of Germany is urging Germans to leave Ukraine now
1 年 前
Officials in Tirana, Pristina and Sarajevo said they were baffled by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's claim that 'mercenaries' from these countries were heading to the frontlines in Ukraine
1 年 前
Russian media reports that projectile hit a house in Rostov region
Governor of Voronezh region declare high readiness regime due to influx of displaced people
US Air Force E-8C Joint STARS 95-0121 REDEYE6 running racetracks @ 31,000ft over Ukraine
Russian Foreign Ministry considering unacceptable Chancellor Scholz statement that Russian talks about genocide at Donbas are ridiculous. Says "not for German leaders to comment about this with their historic background"
.@VP meets @ZelenskyyUa on the sidelines of @MunSecConf
US Department of State: .@SecBlinken and French Foreign Minister @JY_LeDrian met today in Munich to discuss continued efforts to confront Russia's aggression and our joint support for Ukraine
At the Munich Security Conference Chinese foreign minister says no country should be obsessed with turning back wheel of history re Putin's historic revisionism over "historic Russia"
Ukrainian FM Kuleba: Grateful to @SecBlinken for sharing additional data and assessments on Russia's aggressive plans. Ukraine is now even better prepared for any further scenarios
Ben Wallace is no longer going to Munich Security Conference. He thinks it is important he remains in the UK where is continuing to be briefed on Ukraine
.@SecDef on Russia around Ukraine "They are uncoiling and are now poised to strike"
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba just arrived to meet with the G7 Foreign Ministers in Munich. @jmhansler asked if he agreed with Biden's assessment that Putin has decided to invade. "We're preparing for every possible scenario," Kuleba said
Russian forces shelled Schastia checkpoint and roads near town
Image of alleged GRAD projectile in Tarasovsky district of Rostov region1 年 前
Image of alleged GRAD projectile in Tarasovsky district of Rostov region
President Zelensky met with PM @BorisJohnson in Munich
1 年 前
Russian media report another shell hit Tarasovsky district of Rostov region, alleged "GRAD" projectile
China's foreign minister Wang Yi tells MSC2022 that the sovereignty, independence & territorial integrity of every country should be safeguarded. "Ukraine is no exception," he says
Kremlin reports on strategic forces exercise launches: Kinzhal missiles launched, Black Sea and Northern Fleets ships and submarines launched Kalibr AShM and Tsirkon missile against onshore and offshore targets, Iskander BM launched from Kapustin Yar, ICBM Yars launched from Plesetsk to Kura, Tu-95MS launched cruise missiles to Kura and Pemboy ranges, Delta-IV Karelia launched SLBM Sineva from Barents Sea to Kura
Tanks filmed in Krasna Yaruga, Belgorod region1 年 前
Tanks filmed in Krasna Yaruga, Belgorod region
The Russian playbook is clear, Harris says "Russia will plead ignorance & innocence. It will create false pretext for invasion. It will amass troops & firepower in plain sight. We're now receiving reports of what appears to be provocations. We see Russia spreading disinformation"
Members of Ukrainian parliament have arrived at Joint Forces Operation zone
US Vice President: No country's national borders should be changed by force
It's propaganda
Occupation authorities in parts of Donetsk region claim there are casualties among civilian population as result of saboteur attacks
Daily reconnaissance missions over Ukraine: -USAF RC-135W Rivet Joint JAKE11 orbiting over Ukraine;  -USAF RQ4 Global Hawk FORTE10 heading  back to Sigonella after a long mission1 年 前
Daily reconnaissance missions over Ukraine: -USAF RC-135W Rivet Joint JAKE11 orbiting over Ukraine; -USAF RQ4 Global Hawk FORTE10 heading back to Sigonella after a long mission
Defense Sec Austin: "I agree with President Biden that [Putin] has made his decision"
US Defense Secretary: We hope that Putin will retreat from the brink of conflict
Head of Donetsk regional administration Pavlo Kyrylenko: several cities without water supply after shelling targeted Vasylivka pumping station
1 年 前
"The EU and the transatlantic community are fully aligned since the Kremlin-made crisis. We have responded with one voice and one message." @vonderleyen on Russia and Ukraine at MSC2022
Metadata of video clip showing "saboteur group attempting to blow up chlorine cylinder in Horlivka" shows it was made as late as 8th February
Men in Krasnodar region started to receive mobilization letters from conscription offices
1 年 前
Governor of Oryol region of Russia says the region start to prepare temporary places for displaced people from Donbas