Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 September 2018
Ukrainian MP Yuriy Chizhmar was hospitalized after light plane crashed in Rzeszow Poland
Heavy clashes near Kadiyivka
Driver killed as result of wrong-way road accident in Izyum with police SUV
Latest OSCE: The Mission's access remained restricted in all three disengagement areas and was also restricted at a checkpoint in Maiorsk and in Naberezhne
3 month ago
President of Ukraine Poroshenko had phone call with Russian President Putin, discussed hostages and upcoming MFAs meeting in Normandy Format on 11 June in Berlin
3 month ago
Power restored to Donetsk Water Treatment plant near Avdiyivka
3 month ago
Russian North Fleet pilots to train Mig-29K flights in Crimea
3 month ago
Earlier, during a meeting between the European G7 leaders, Italy's PM clarified his tweet about Russia rejoining G7/8 saying he meant *after* Russia meets its Minsk obligations (i.e. progress on Ukraine).
UK reminds Trump why Putin isn't in G-7: Russia illegally annexed Crimea3 month ago
UK reminds Trump why Putin isn't in G-7: "Russia illegally annexed Crimea"
38 attacks on Ukrainian positions, 6 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
U.S and Russian joint chiefs of staff (Dunford/Gerasimov) had a meeting in Finland on Syria and European security.  Also preparation for possible Trump - Putin summit in July3 month ago
U.S and Russian joint chiefs of staff (Dunford/Gerasimov) had a meeting in Finland on Syria and European security. Also preparation for possible Trump - Putin summit in July
Kilimnik, who worked with @PaulManafort on a US lobbying effort on behalf of Ukraine, also charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice.
298 empty chairs waiting for justice MH17 opposite Russian embassy .
Four tourists have reportedly died in Georgia. Preliminary information: 3 victims are citizens of Ukraine and one local. All four died in the mountains of Adjara - the western Georgian region
3 month ago
Spokesperson for Canada's Prime Minister says that Canada's position on Russia and the G7 has not changed. (Canada would not support allowing Russian re-entry as long as it is occupying Crimea).
3 month ago
Spot Report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM): Armed men near Kreminets charge weapon near SMM patrol and threaten it
Trump calls for Russia, ousted from group of leading industrial nations after annexing Crimea, to be reinstated.
Reports of MLRS Grad shelling sound in Southern Donetsk(near Cargyll plant)
3 month ago
Hug: Avdiivka will be out of drinking water in coming days. Parts of Yasynuvata and Donetsk city too. The sides have it in their hands to prevent this.They need to agree with no delay on plan and action for safe and secure access for DFS workers. SMM ready to facilitate any proposal
3 month ago
OSCE SMM Hug: For every cause, there is an effect; failure of sides has consequences on real people; sides must create security, allowing people to live without fear of violence. It's time to stop the dominoes from falling Zero Civilian Casualties
3 month ago
Hug: DFS women men have shown courage; they've done more than was expected. SMM monitors have fulfilled their obligations too. The only ones that have not fulfilled obligations are sides; sides are fully responsible if over 300k civilians are with out drinking water
3 month ago
Hug: Last week SMM recorded at least 600 ceasefire violations in 15km radius around Donetsk Filtration Station. As a result of non-compliance by the side, the DFS had to be shutdown this week
3 month ago
OSCE SMM Hug: The worsening security situation in May resulted in the death of 43 confirmed civilian casualties – 11 deaths and 32 injuries, more cases are pending verification Zero Civilian Casualties
3 month ago
Hug: SMM saw multiple launch rocket systems – in violation of agreed withdrawal lines – in non-gov-ctrl 48 and gov-ctrl 22, each capable of firing unguided salvos of up to 40 rockets with over 3,000 fragments per rocket, often landing anywhere within a rectangle of 54,000 m2
3 month ago
OSCE's Hug: Last week SMM recorded over 5,300 ceasefire violations; in May 28,000 CFVs recorded with at least 2,248 caused by weapons that should have been withdrawn in accordance with Minsk
3 month ago
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug
Man disarmed, wounded and detained robbers during armed robbery of currency exchange shop in Dnipro city
3 month ago
Near Zmiiny island on June 2 Ukrainian An-26 identified Russian Navy small missile boat
Leader of Crimean Tatars Mustafa Jemilev met with Turkish MFA in Ankara3 month ago
Leader of Crimean Tatars Mustafa Jemilev met with Turkish MFA in Ankara
37 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas, 4 soldiers were wounded
Harjit Sajjan: Canada and Ukraine are close defence allies. We have deployed our @canadianforces to Ukraine to deliver training and capacity building programs, and we continue to strengthen this relationship with ongoing initiatives. Good to speak with Minister Stepan Poltorak
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